The CHAaSM Advantage

There is no single magic software solution that can address the vast challenges of the cyber threat landscape. Zero-trust must be foundational - every single layer must protect and defend itself.  Can you verify the integrity of your cloud?  Do you have a simple way to check and heal your cloud from cyber threats at every layer over its lifetime? If the answer is "no", then you don't have zero-trust control.

CHAaSM provides decades of experience implementing a "trust nothing" approach to give customers control of the security of their hybrid cloud strategy. With the latest advances in containerization, CHAaSM assists customers in the transition to a hardened microservices foundation approach, hardening and isolating every service and eliminating heavy daemons and dependencies from your hybrid cloud platform. In addition, CHAaSM empowers customers with the ability to address zero-day threats immediately, and maintain cyber resilience over the lifetime of their hybrid cloud deployments.

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