• Devin Breen

New Era of the Modern Data Center

Today is the start of a new era in the modern data center….

A new era of responsible software consumption.

When clients procure software, they expect the provider to protect them from the vulnerabilities that might exist in their code.

But they don’t.

The truth is hundreds if not thousands of open source packages are included in every single software solution. Do you know what they are? Do you know where they come from? Have they inspected the code? Do you know if it’s been modified from the original source code? Do you know if they’ve been installed or configured properly?

It’s impossible to know your threats when you don’t know everything about the software you consume. Not only is irresponsible open source consumption a grave threat, but so is the uninspected code produced by developers in a software company. Few software companies analyze their code for systemic bad coding practices. Even fewer have the assets necessary to review code to scale to find them.

One of the major charters of CHAaSM is to unveil the dirty secrets of the reasons why we find the modern datacenter under constant attack. Adversaries know more about the code clients consume than they do and can easily manipulate services that are not running properly in production environments. Adversaries can also manipulate zero-day vulnerabilities with more efficiency and sooner than most production environments can make updates to mitigate or eliminate them. CHAaSM gives its clients the power to control these and other critical security issues in the modern datacenter. Contact us to find out how.

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