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K8s Security Orchestration & Automated Response

The First Trust Nothing(TM) log & analytics platform from CHAaSM & LOGIQ.

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Computer Robot

Single Command Configuration

KSOAR is the first Trust Nothing cloud with an embedded SOAR to bring the power of cloud under your control. 

Runtime security, Zero-trust layered hardening, single command scale out, and AutoSecOps;

That´s the power of KSOAR

  • Stand up your SOAR in minutes 

  • Point Your Logs

  • Get Real-Time Metrics 

  • Complete Security Forensics 

Cloud Native Security

Continuous Visibility

  • Runtime Security visibility

  • Custom Dashboards and Performance Metrics

  • Visualize self-healing in real-time

Continuous Monitoring

  • Set Pre-defined Triggers and Log Suppression 

  • Add Custom Alerting Rules

  • Detect anomalistic patterns

Surreal World
Video Game

Continuous Hardening

  • Security Auditing

  • Benchmark Compliance (CIS)

  • AutoSecOps(TM) Security Automation

  • Vulnerability Scanning

Container Security​

  • Pod-to-Pod Encryption

  • Node-to-Node Encryption

  • Secret data-at-rest encryption

  • Default hardened SECCOMP 

  • SELinux Policies 

KSOAR: Research
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