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CHAaSM Phase II SBIR Sprint


CHAaSM is officially announcing a 90 day sprint to support DoD and Federal customers who need Cyber Resilience and Source Code Supply Chain Control, as well as Blockchain Infrastructure development for airgapped and darksite environments.  DoD customers can officially join on to  CHAaSM's 20.3 Phase II SBIR to rapidly accelerate their teams secure software development capabilities.

Recent software supply chain attacks such as the Cyber Attacks associated with Solarwinds, and dependency confusion research, confirm the immediate need of the advanced capabilities offered by CHAaSM. 

"The lack of accountability in secure development, and the abstraction of dependencies have led to an exponential growth in cloud threats that no amount of security professionals will solve. Our software factory evens the playing field and gives our customers the power to have full control and visibility to every line of code...and leverage the advantages of automation and machine learning to build your own trust nothing platforms at a fraction of the cost and time." , Says CTO Simon Mijolovic.

CHAaSM's Phase II sponsors includes the State University of New York at Albany, SUNY RF, Innovate 518, Capital Factory, Microsoft & Northrop Grumman, DoD Platform One and The 309th Software Engineering Group who have all made important contributions, endorsements, and validation for the

According to Co-Founder Devin Breen, "CHAaSM is selectable for this prestigious award based on technical merit and this opens the doors to the entire DoD. Our goal in this sprint is to now have multiple DoD components join the Phase II to increase efficiency, interagency collaboration, and ultimately ensure a successful phase III ."

For more details or to sign on to the sprint contact Devin Breen:

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CHAaSM Announces Phase II SBIR Sprint: News
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