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CHAaSM joins the Capital Factory

November 15, 2020

CHAaSM is pleased to announce it has been accepted into the "Capital Factory Accelerator" program to accelerate customer acquisition and investment.

Capital Factory traditionally supports Austin based startups and due to COVID has expanded it's borders with leading edge companies across the US. With additional presence in Texas, CHAaSM is positioned to support a national footprint.

"We're please to be a part of such a vibrant and innovative community with a track record of supporting the defense industrial base and VC fundraising," says Devin Breen, Co-Founder.

Today the CHAaSM platform is in Early Access with a select few partners, and the next several months of R&D with our commercial and federal partners will solidify our 2021 GA release and help us prepare to scale to meet increasing demands from Federal System Integrators, VARS, & MSP's.

Our Channel-First Strategy means we are looking to support the next wave of digital transformation that will be powered by the largest service providers and integrators in the country.

In this hyper-competitive, hyper-converged cloud arena, companies with technical advantages tend to get absorbed quickly by the largest tech companies. 

The cloud infrastructure providers abstract away all the controls and leave you without the underlying machine data for security visibility. If you're going to build true zero-trust applications you need to have complete control of the source code and Capital Factory's deep network will provide the additional momentum to accomplish this goal.

CHAaSM joins the Capital Factory: News
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