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CHAaSM creates Intern Program with UAlbany

May 29, 2020

In Partnership with the UAlbany CIFA (Center For Information Forensics and Assurance), CHAaSM is rolling out a 5 and 10 week Virtual Summer 2020 internship program for CIFA business students to immerse themselves in CHAaSM's "KSOAR.AI" product launch. CHAaSM is an Innovate518 Incubator company that helps CTO’s protect their critical infrastructure with security automation. They develop security hardened operating systems, Kubernetes distributions, and microservices to be deployed at enterprise scale. “We like to think of ourselves as somewhere between a Redhat and a Palantir for the challenges we like to solve,” according to CTO Simon Mijolovic. Developed as a security-first, and remote-first company, CHAaSM was prepared to quickly adjust to meet the changing marketing dynamics from the COVID19 Pandemic. Four UAlbany Students have been selected for the Virtual Internship, and will have the opportunity to work directly with the CHAaSM engineering and product teams, as well as network with software developers and leadership at some of the top technology companies in the world. “Our goal is to have the students gain critical insight working with technology experts and explore the relationship between technology adoption and the customer journey. We are incredibly grateful to Bob Manasier for being a champion for us within the Innovate518 ecosystem and Dr. Sanjay Goel for helping us to accelerate this vision” - Devin Breen, Co-Founder CHAaSM

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CHAaSM creates Intern Program with UAlbany: News
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