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CHAaSM Cloud Software Factory


The CHAaSM Cloud Software Factory, bringing the first completely automated DevSecOps pipeline for software supply chain control. This isn't zero trust, it's Trust Nothing (TM).

Accredit for High Governance, Rapidly Build Microservices and detect and eliminate CVE's, automate continuous compliance, and build cyber resilient applications.

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Supply Chain Control

C2SF brings the power of hardened microservices development to accelerate the transition to leading edge cloud deployment.

Full CI/CD with Continuous Hardening (CH) is simplified through automation execution that obtains source code, runs Static Code Analysis, compiles, bundles SELinux policies, and packages all microservices included in the CHAaSM Cloud stack and compilers.

In addition, the factory includes the automation to build cloud container host images (ISOs) for Bare-metal (USB) and VM deployments (for dev/test).

CHAaSM can also customize the factory for customers looking to build custom service catalogs and cloud-native microservice applications. The C2SF enables you to build cloud solutions to scale with the power of zero-day elimination.

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