What is CHAaSM?

Configuration Hardening Automation and Security Monitoring

We Build and Deploy security first infrastructure to protect against cyber threats, breaches and data exfiltration. With the Internet of Threats (IoT) today, responsible software consumption is the only option, and the "trust nothing" stance is necessary. CHAaSM's software helps you take control of your development environment, server architecture, and cloud. By securing your OS/Kernel and Application services, CHAaSM allows for responsible deployment of 100G Cloud Environments for IoT, AI, and Analytics.

Data Security system Shield Protection V

The CHAaSM Team

Simon Mijolovic

CTO, Founder, President

Simon has over 20 years of experience developing and accrediting infrastructure engineering solutions in federal government, intelligence organizations, financial institutions, and healthcare agencies. He was both a cloud architect and Senior Security Program Manager at VMWare, and was the founder of the Nutanix Security Engineering and Research Team (nSERT). Simon’s specialties include defensive cybersecurity techniques, security hardening automation for open source operating systems, and scale-out distributed platforms/applications. He is a subject matter expert in security automation, information assurance accreditation processes, and holds multiple patents.

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